Import and Exporting Leads

Wodify allows Admins and Managers to export leads to excel and import leads from excel. 

To export leads: 
  • Go to Wodify Admin > Leads
  • Change the 'Status' drop down to reflect the status of the athletes you would like to export
  • Click 'Export Leads to Excel'
To import leads: 
  • Go to Wodify Admin > Leads
  • Click 'Import Leads from Excel'
  • Click 'Choose File' and select the Excel file that you would like to import
  • Click 'Import.' 
These newly imported athletes will now appear in your Leads list in Wodify Admin.

IMPORTANT: This file will need to be imported in a specific format. To see this format, use the 'Export Leads to Excel' function and use this exported list as a template for future imports. The image below will show the necessary fields, with the required fields shown in red. The information will need to be entered in exactly the same format as shown below. 

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