How to export athlete information to excel from FrontDesk

In order to make the transition from FrontDesk to Wodify as efficient as possible, you are able to export your athlete data into an excel spreadsheet. 

  1. Sign in to FD and click on Analytics and Reporting in the top right corner (found via the graph icon)
  2. Click on the 'All Clients' tab within your 'Membership' reports
  3. Click on the gear symbol in the top right corner
  4. Find 'Client' from the drop-down menu found under 'Custom'
  5. Click 'Export Raw'
The athlete information should then begin downloading into an excel spreadsheet. You will need to add a 'Gender' column in this spreadsheet and add this information for each athlete as it is required for the Wodify import, but not provided on this FrontDesk export. 

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