Program API

Wodify currently offers an API to access the WODs. A common problem is that the affiliate wants to filter the WODs by the Program, but the list of Programs changes often enough that it is undesirable to hardcode in a list of Programs. As a solution, we now also offer an API to get a list of Programs. This API can return XML or JSON based on your needs.

The endpoint for the API is:

The API accepts three parameters:

apikey - Your affiliate's API key for authentication
type - Possible values are "xml" or "json" (default is "xml")
endcoding - Possible values as "ascii", "utf-8", or "utf-16" (default is "ascii")


As an example of use:


  "RecordList":  {
    "Program":  [
        "Id": "1009",
        "Name": "CrossFit",
        "Description": null,
        "Color": null,
        "PublishExternally": "True",
        "CountTowardsAttendanceLimits": "True",
        "CreatedBy": "17597",
        "CreatedOn": "2014-01-02T10:39:48",
        "UpdatedBy": "17597",
        "UpdatedOn": "2014-01-02T10:39:48",
        "Is_Active": "True"
        "Id": "1032",
        "Name": "Test Program",
        "Description": null,
        "Color": null,
        "PublishExternally": "True",
        "CountTowardsAttendanceLimits": "True",
        "CreatedBy": "39175",
        "CreatedOn": "2014-02-13T10:31:19",
        "UpdatedBy": "39175",
        "UpdatedOn": "2014-02-13T10:31:19",
        "Is_Active": "True"

Switching it to XML:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Description />
    <Color />
    <Name>Test Program</Name>
    <Description />
    <Color />

The fields returned are:

ID: The ID of the Program. You will likely not need this.
Name: The name of the Program. In other Wodify APIs, this is what is used as input.
Description: The description of the Program.
Color: The hex color code used by Wodify to represent this program in various places.
PublishExternally: Whether or not the classes from this Program will be shown in the public whiteboard, etc. by default.
CountTowardsAttendanceLimits: Whether or not attending classes for this Program counts towards an athlete's member plan's attendance limits. If you are listing programs on your site, this may be a useful piece of information to display to athletes.
CreatedBy: The user ID of the user that created this Program.
CreatedOn: The timestamp (in EST) that this Program was created.
UpdatedBy: The user ID of the user that last updated this Program.
UpdatedOn: The timestamp (in EST) that this Program was last updated.
IsActive: Whether or not this Program is currently in use in Wodify.


<!doctype HTML><html>



<select id='program_list'>
    <option value='0'>Select a Program</option>
curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);
$curl_response = curl_exec($curl);
$programs = json_decode($curl_response, true);
foreach ($programs['RecordList']['Program'] as $program): ?>
    <option id='<?= $program['Id'] ?>'><?= $program['Name'] ?></option>
<?php endforeach; ?>



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