Converting Leads to Athletes

Wodify allows admins to convert non-paying athletes (Leads) into full paying members (Athletes).  Upon conversion, the new Athlete will have an Athlete Status of 'On-Ramp' or 'Active'.

To choose your Default Converted Athlete Status:
  1. Login to Wodify Admin
  2. Click 'Setup'
  3. Click 'Leads'
  4. Choose your 'Default Converted Athlete Status'
  5. Click Save
IMPORANT: The preliminary Athlete Status stage is called 'On-Ramp' but can be edited to the label of your choice.

To convert a Lead to an Athlete:
  1. Login to Wodify Admin
  2. Click 'Leads'
  3. Find your Lead and open the record
  4. Click 'Convert Lead'
  5. Verify conversion data and click 'Convert'
    1. IMPORTANT: Once a lead is converted it can not be edited
The Lead has now been converted to an Athlete.

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