Schedule WOD Publish Date to WordPress

Admins can choose which Programs will always post to WordPress and their website.  Admins and Coaches can schedule each WOD to post to WordPress, their website through the API, and the Wodify app at a specific date and time.  

Choose which Programs post to WordPress and your website

Admins determine which Programs WODs' should and should not publish to the web.  To configure each Program's visibility outside of Wodify:
  • Go to Wodify Admin > Schedule > Programs > choose a Program
  • View the 'Publish Externally' checkbox
    • When checked, WODs of the selected Program will be scheduled to post to your website by default
      • Admins and Coaches can still optionally choose not to post the WOD to their website when creating the WOD
    • When unchecked, WODs for these programs will NEVER be posted externally and will not be available on the Public Whiteboard
Default Publish Time

The default publish time is the default time that your WOD will be scheduled to post to WordPress, or your website.  To set your default publish time:
  • Go to Wodify Admin > WODS > WOD Publishing Rules > Choose your default publish time
  • Click Save
Choose Publish Date of WOD

Admins and Coaches can schedule the WOD publish date and time when creating a WOD.  If your box allows mobile sign in before class, this also determines when an athlete can view and sign in to a class from the web or their mobile device. To schedule the date and time your WOD is published externally:
  • Go to Wodify Admin > WODs > Create a new WOD
  • Choose the date of the WOD
  • Choose the Program and Locations
  • Choose Publish Date
  • Give the WOD a name and click Save

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