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Customized Dashboard for "My Performance"

The My Performance Tab would be great if it had more of a "Dashboard" feel.

For instance if i wanted to customize my "Dashboard" to easily display current 1RM's for a group of exercises that I'm currently focused on.

Or maybe I want to display all my PR's for the month?

Or maybe I want to focus on training better at complex movements such as the ****** and the Clean. Or Double-Unders. Or Muscles Ups. Can a Dashboard be displayed to show these exercises I'm currently focused on improving?


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  • Emily Griffith commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Dashboard for Performance Overview of Clients

    One of the most beneficial uses of all the wod tracking we do would be having a customized client dashboard to be able to easily show a client their overall fitness progress & current strengths & weaknesses by the numbers.

    For example, this might include their lifts, gymnastics benchmarks (how many strict pullups, hspu, etc), a few monostuctural metrics (400M run, 2k row) and a few benchmark workouts as well as a graph indicating trends on a couple of these items.

    This is a super simple concept to implement & could really take each member's understanding of their training to a whole new level.

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