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Facebook and Adwords Conversion Tracking


This is a request to add Facebook and Adwords Conversion Tracking.

I know that Google Analytics is available (which as of right now I'm connecting with Support on a cross-domain tracking question/issue) but GA by itself is not as good as FB and Adwords Conversion Tracking.

There are a few differences but here are the 2 big ones:

1) I can set the ad campaigns in FB and Adwords to optimize the ads on actual sales or free trial sign ups. FB and Adwords will do the work of adjusting the ads so we get more sales/sign ups.

2) Adwords and FB has cross-device tracking. Meaning if they clicked on the ad on their phone, then later signed up on their computer, it can know that it is the same person who signed up. If we use GA, it will not know and we can't tell that the ad gave us a sign up or sale.

Note: Adwords can link to GA which might solve some of these issues but FB cannot link to GA.



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