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Please add a "Save and Add Session" button under Add Performance. Perhaps rename existing "Save" to "Save and Close"

Here is the use case. I want to be able to add multiple set and reps schemes to the same day. For example many athletes will do a smolov like program where there are a variety of building sets prior to reaching the primary 5x5 or whatever. Right now I cannot add multiple sets and rep combos for the same exercise to the same day.

Dave told me I can do this by saving and the returning to the exercise this this is completely a pain in the butt to have to rechoose the category and exercise for every single set and rep schema. The additional save and add another type button would allow me to stay on the exercise and add multiple entries without starting from scratch every time.

An example rep scheme would be like this for Back Squat
1x3 185
1x3 215
2x3 245
5x5 275

all for the same day.

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Yes - 2017  ·  AdminMelissa K (Product Manager, Wodify) responded  · 

We will be creating a whole new athlete app in 2017 which will include a ton of improvements to adding and tracking performance. We will keep this feedback in mind while building that experience. Keep an eye out for these updates later this year.


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