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Status Feed for Athlete/Coach Updates

Your note/activity log is great for inputting what's happening with the athlete, but unless you go in individually to the athlete there's no way to have a reminder about an athlete who is injured or hasn't come in for a while. I like this feature that PushPress offers. Is there a way to get a more robust one of these. I envision it like a facebook feed on the admin side. Any logged activity shows up in one spot in realtime. Ex:
-Johnny is on vacation
-The heater is not to be touched
-Sally has only been in twice this month.

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  • Chad Becker commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Coaches Notes Tab - We could really use a tab just the coaches can see when they are logged in. We need that area to post notes about up coming classes or new members. It would help us communicate between the coaches so they dont have to go out and log into another system. Right now we put notes in a Facebook group for the coaches and if we could do that same thing in Wodify it would help.

  • Kyle Joiner commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    If I have coach 'Steve' running the next class and athlete 'John' signs in to a class provide an sms notification or app notification for mobile that could be set to notify Steve of something important about John. i.e. "has a knee problem" or "watch midline stabilization"

    This allows a method to pass on information.


    Another means for Coach A to notify other Coachs of Athlete A having a problem or something to keep an eye on. I know there is the notes field but it is impossible to review all athletes prior to class.

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