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Allow Boxes to Directly connect to their Database!

i understand that API access is being considered for developers. I also understand that there is a lot of IP that needs to be protected in making the API available. However, It would be faster, simpler for Wodify to just make outside connections to their database possible. Each box that wants to should be able to connect to the SQL server and fetch their own queries where they are limited to only fetch data that is relevant to their box_id. For additional security only allow the following commands

Perhaps some others would be good to have, but do not allow for any alterations of the existing tables and database (i.e. no ALTER or DROP statements allowed.) The final security measure could be to only allow access from a specific IP address.
For example, our website PHP service hosts up our wordpress website, and has a dedicated IP Address. The SQL server could be set up to only allow our username and password to be logged in from our webserver IP.

I would be happy to explain in further detail how to set this up. Please contact me at


This would be extremely easy to set up and pose virtually no security risk to the the intellectualy property of your software. Sure, the database structure itself would be

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