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Workout Template

Please make WoD templates!!! Very time consuming to add warmup and ad warmup and add weightlifting and weightlifting and metcon and custom metcon every time! The new look of the beta doesn't matter to me, I need things that help me get through the work faster. Also a text editor version would be great bc I don't like how the headers and colors and spacing come out, it's often confusing.

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  • Christopher Wyant commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Steps in order to create 2 WODs (with no sections - just the wods themselves):

    Click add new WOD.
    Fill out title of WOD.
    Select date of WOD.
    Click save.
    Click back to list view.
    Click Add New WOD.....

    The number of steps needed to create dates of WODs are very time consuming. I would love to have a feature where all I need to do is click on the calendar and the default is what has been set in options (in my case, title would always be the date, and in settings I already have posting rules). I timed how long it would take to add 30 dates to populate workouts in and it took nearly 25 minutes by itself between all the back and forth page loading.

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